My passion for Odissi blossomed when I first witnessed Guru Bedi's "Desh Raag" on television. I was captivated by Guru Prothima Gouri Bedi's enchanting performance and, most of all, I was entranced by the melodious music accompanying it. The dance's graceful beauty and its sweetly devotional undertone struck a deep chord within me.

Driven by a sincere affection and profound respect for Indian culture, I founded the Odissi dance school "Rudra Nrithyayogashala" in 2006 in Mysuru, Karnataka. My goal was to disseminate Indian classical dance and culture through the art of Odissi.

I have dedicated my entire life to Odissi, considering it my spiritual devotion to the divine. The world of dance has always been my source of creative solace, and I firmly believe that it is the most profound medium for expressing emotions.

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” – Jaques D’Ambroise 

Sindhu Kiran

Odissi Exponent

Sindhu Kiran stands as a beacon in the world of Odissi dance, serving as the esteemed founder and artistic director of Rudra Nrityayogashala, a renowned school nestled in the heart of Gokulam, Mysore. With a multifaceted role as a performer, choreographer, and teacher, Sindhu has illuminated the stages both within the country and internationally for over three decades.


Her passion for dance ignited at the tender age of 4, and at 16, she embarked on her formal Odissi training under the guidance of the venerable Pamavibhushan Guru Kelu Charan Mahapatra and Guru Prothima Gouri Bedi at Nityagram, Bangalore. Further enriching her skills, Sindhu received profound tutelage from Guru Sri Ratikanth Mohapatra from Srjan Orissa and Guru Ramani Ranjan Jenna.

Sindhu's artistic journey is not just a testament to her talent but also a tribute to her dedication and perseverance, evident through her captivating performances in prestigious dance festivals worldwide. Her expertise and commitment have not only nurtured her own artistry but have also inspired countless students, making her a luminary figure in the realm of Odissi dance. 

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